A Global Leader in Specialty Coated Performance Materials

PTFE Group produces a wide variety of performance materials including specialty-coated fabrics, tapes, and belts.

PTFE Group of Companies (PTFE Group) is a leading manufacturer of specialty-coated performance fabrics, tapes and belts used in a wide range of manufacturing, packaging, maintenance and repair environments around the world.  From the aviation industry to consumer products, we supply performance materials and technical expertise to 21 different industries for use in over 100 applications. 

Founded in 1966, PTFE Group has extensive experience providing technical support to our customers, while meeting the highest global quality standards.

PTFE Group performance materials stand up to extreme temperatures (high and low), moisture, abrasion, and chemical exposure

Our core performance materials consist of fiberglass or aramid substrate coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) or silicone in specifically engineered thicknesses, combinations, and grades, depending on the needs of the application.

Key attributes that make our PTFE and silicone coated materials suitable for a wide range of industry applications include but are not limited to:

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures (-73°C / -100°F  to 287°C/550°F).
  • Excellent release properties (non-stick)
  • Chemically inert, non-toxic
  • Thermal stability, resistant to thermal shocking
  • Low co-friction surface texture
  • Good insulating properties (at thicker cross-sections)
  • Excellent heat transfer properties (at thinner cross-sections)
  • High strength (fiberglass and aramid based materials)
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • FDA approved
  • Easy to clean

PTFE Group began producing high quality performance materials in 1966 as Green Belting Industries Limited. Today, PTFE Group of Companies includes Green Belting Industries Limited (Canada), Greenbelt Industries Inc. (US), Biscor Limited (UK) and Mapelli SRL (Italy) with plants and offices in each of these country locations. 

An ISO 9001 Quality Registered company, PTFE Group strives for continuous improvement and is committed to producing products and providing service of the highest quality.