Splicing Options for Belts

To assure the best performance and accurate tracking, we recommend that wherever possible, GBI belts be ordered with splices. We offer all the standard splices. Please call our technical service department to discuss which splice would be best for your specific application.

Belt Splices - Metal

These are exceptionally strong metal splices. Metal lacing / clips are meshed together and, in some cases, joined by inserting a metal pin. This provides a flexible splice and enables the belt to be installed without taking the machine...

Belt Splices - Non-Metallic Hinged

Non-Metallic Hinged Splices are the same, in principal, to the metal splices except non-metallic materials are used for the splices.

Fabric Pin Splice

The Fabric Pin Splice is similar to the Alligator/Clipper splice but without any metal components.

Finger/Longline Splice

This splice provides an excellent continuous release surface. Die Cut interlocking fingers are joined, reinforced and heat sealed into place.

Heat Sealed Butt Splice

This splice is perfect in applications where a smooth belt surface is required. The ends of the belt are butted together. A reinforcement fabric is positioned beneath the joint and then heat sealed into place. For additional strength this...

Heat Sealed Overlap

This is the standard splice for most applications. The belt ends are overlapped from 1/2" to 2" then heat sealed. For additional strength the splice can be stitched.

Peek Spiral Splice

High temperature plastic spiral lacing is easy to install and allows for airflow throughout the splice area.

Scarf Splice

Each end is overlapped 1 inch and tapered before heat sealing. This eliminates the 'step' at the seam.