Thermal Spray Masking Solutions

Thermal Spray Masking Tapes, Fabrics and Compounds are designed to resist grit blast, wire arc spray, flame spray, plasma spray and HVOF spray coatings.

"I would highly recommend GBI thermal spray masking products to anyone with a variety of challenging jobs." Philip Honigfeld, Turbocam Inc.
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Aluminum Foil Tape

Available in 190-6S, 190-7S and 190-10S. A thin aluminum foil is laminated to our fiberglass tape, making this aluminum foil masking tape an excellent choice in applications requiring a combination of conformability with high abrasion...

Fiberglass Cloth Tapes 160 Series

The fiberglass cloth tapes are commonly used as primary and secondary masking tapes versus both low energy and high energy spray systems" Our 160-5S and 160-5S HT is single coated. Our 162-5S, 162-7S, 162-12S is double coated. Used for...

HVOF Masking Tapes

High Velocity Oxy Fuel coating process is a high value/high cost method of applying coatings to high value components. Due to the high demands of the HVOF coating process, the masking process is much more complex than masking for other...

Plasma Spray Masking Tapes

Available in 170-10S YL, 170-10S Red, 170-10S Green, 170-10S CL, 170-20S YL, 170-20S Green, 170-20S Red, this family of plasma spray masking tapes resists the high temperatures of the plasma spray coating process. All plasma spray tapes are...

Pre-Cut Masking Profiles

When there is a requirement for repetitive masking -- that is multiple copies of the same part with the same masking requirements -- the time spent measuring and cutting can be tedious, time consuming, costly, and can also be a health and...

Silicone Fabrics

PTFE Group of Companies offers silicone coated fiberglass fabrics. Coated single side or both sides. Mil thickness from 7mil to 35mil. Colors: Red or White Widths to 38"

Thermal Spray Masking Compound

When the use of masking tapes and fabrics becomes difficult due to challenging geometrical shapes and profiles, Masking Compounds often provide the best solution.