Belt Splices - Non-Metallic Hinged

Non-Metallic Hinged Splices are the same, in principal, to the metal splices except non-metallic materials are used for the splices.

 Peek® Spiral
Monofilament dia: 0.90mm
Temp. rating:
-50°C to + 180°C


Polyester Spiral
Spiral R/W
Wire dia: 0.90mm
Temperature rating: - 50°C to + 150°C
For installation on Bisca-Pol belts

Aramid Hook

Wire dia: 2 X 0.90mm dia yarns
Temperature rating: - 50°C to + 180°C
Abuse resistant


SS 'Soft Seal' or Castellated Splice
6mm teeth are die-cut into the belt ends, typically constructed with PTFE Coated woven Aramid fiber. The code is derived from 'Soft Seal', which indicates the difference from hard metal splices.
Temperature rating: - 50°C to + 260°C

 SS Splice


 OMAF (Open Mesh Air Flow Splice) Splice
30-91 Open Mesh PTFE Coated Glass Belting Fabric
Aramid open mesh overlay
5 mil Aramid edging at splice
Aramid Sprial Joint Loops - high strength
Stainless Steel Pin- high strength, non-marking
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