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Green Belting Industries announces launch of HVMT Orange Masking Tape

HVMT Orange Delivers Superior Results in Masking Against HVOF Coatings

Mississauga, Ontario, June 4, 2014 – Green Belting Industries Limited (GBI), a Mississauga, Ontario based division of PTFE Group and a manufacturer of specialty-coated high performance tapes, fabrics, and compounds is pleased to announce the release of a unique problem solving product: a one-of-a-kind tape that can survive the abrasion and heat associated with Gas Fueled HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) coatings while delivering clean coating lines and no adhesive residue.

“HVOF coatings are the most challenging thermal spray processes to mask,” said Tim Connelly, Global Product Manager for Adhesive Products. “Because HVOF coatings involve high temperatures and high abrasion, particularly when spraying carbides, most thermal spray masking tapes do not survive.” This new tape has been designed for those coating specialists who utilize gas fuel HVOF systems (Hydrogen, Propylene, Propane, Natural gas etc) to apply coatings such as Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Carbide, and other materials.

GBI’s new HVMT Orange is flame retardant, self-extinguishing, highly abrasive resistant, and very flexible (conformable). “HVMT Orange removes cleanly from metal leaving no adhesive residue,” added Connelly. “And with HVMT Orange’s strong face-to-back adhesion, operators can use this tape to mask without fear of it flagging.”

In the past, so-called HVOF tapes have been stiff and generally not practical. The HVMT Orange masking tape offers high conformability which allows for the masking of intricate profiles.

The GBI HVMT Orange masking tape will withstand the high temperatures and abrasive blasting associated with HVOF coatings. This survival means that companies can quickly mask and unmask their components using a tape as opposed to designing intricate metal masks that involve engineering and production input and higher costs.

Recognizing that the masking process for thermal spray processes can prove to be both time consuming and costly, PTFE Group of Companies is focused on developing highly-effective thermal spray masking materials that can be applied and removed quickly and efficiently. More effective and efficient masking, beginning with higher quality masking materials, results in significant time and cost savings.

HVMT Orange is now available for purchase from all PTFE Group companies: Green Belting Industries Limited (Canada), Greenbelt Industries Inc. (US), Mapelli SRL (Italy), and Biscor Limited (UK).

About PTFE Group
PTFE Group of Companies includes Green Belting Industries Limited (Canada), Greenbelt Industries Inc. (US), Mapelli SRL (Italy), and Biscor Limited (UK) with plants and offices in each of these country locations. The Group manufactures specialty-coated performance fabrics, belts, and tapes.


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