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PTFE Group of Companies Announces Custom Pre-Cut Masking Profiles

Mississauga, Ontario, January 30, 2014 –PTFE Group of Companies (Green Belting Industries Limited – Canada, Greenbelt Industries Inc. – US, Biscor Limited – UK, and Mapelli SRL – Italy), manufacturers of specialty-coated high performance fabrics, belts, and tapes are pleased to announce the availability of custom pre-cut masking profiles designed to be used by Thermal Spray Coating Operators.

“Thermal spray masking tapes are one of the most common forms of masking used by the thermal spray coating community,” explained Tim Connelly, Global Product Manager of Adhesive Products for PTFE Group of Companies. “These tapes are useful because they release cleanly from metal surfaces leaving no adhesive residue while providing a very precise coating line,” Connelly said.

The drawback of using plasma spray masking tapes is that they can require considerable time and labor to apply. This time and labor may not be a problem for straightforward jobs but masking applications with intricate or complicated profiles require more labor and time to mask. One operator may spend hours cutting out repetitive shapes with a sharp blade or scalpel.

“Using pre-cut shapes eliminates the inconsistency found with traditional tape rolls and razor cutting. Put simply, the masking will be exactly the same for each profile that is masked,” continued Connelly. “Our customers simply send us a drawing of their desired masking shape and we will produce sheets of the pre-cut profiles, much like a label pad or a child’s sticker book. Unlike traditional rotary die cutting, our companies have a minimal set up charge and no die charge. This makes getting pre-cut masking profiles much more economical for small to medium sized jobs. The result here is much faster masking times.”

Additionally, the use of pre-cut profiles also helps to limit excessive razor blade handling and wrist injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome commonly experienced by employees who are handling and cutting tape rolls every day.

Said Connelly, “In terms of health and safety, GBI customers have noticed advantages with pre-cut masking profiles. Pre-cut profiles can eliminate the danger of repetitive motion injuries as well as limit the injuries typically seen in environments where employees are using razor blades.”

“Our goal is to improve or enhance masking efficiency by discovering cost and time savings while also considering the health and safety of your employees,” continued Connelly. “Our companies are focused on enriching our customers’ bottom line through process improvement.”

About PTFE Group
The PTFE Group of Companies includes Green Belting Industries Limited (Canada), Greenbelt Industries Inc. (US), Biscor Limited (UK) and Mapelli SRL (Italy) with plants and offices in each of these country locations. The Group manufactures specialty coated fabrics, belts, and tapes.


For more details on PTFE Group of Companies and PTFE Group’s Pre-Cut Masking Profiles please contact Tim Connelly, Global Product Manager for Adhesive Products at 905-564-6712 Extension 5148 or by email at [email protected].

Click here for a printable pdf copy of this news release


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