Hydro Electricity

Hydro Electricity is a method of generating electrical power by harnessing the power of moving water. The thrust caused by moving water can turn a series of turbine units which, in turn, produce electric power. Hydro Electric Turbine Units function similar to Industrial Gas Turbines in that they both produce energy by rotating the blades of a turbine. Because these turbines are typically under water, they face unique challenges compared to IGTs, including corrosion. Similar to IGT engines, Hydro Electric Turbines are coated using various thermal spray processes. For the manufacture and repair of Hydro Electric turbine components, the most common thermal spray coating styles are plasma spray and HVOF.

Masking for Plasma Spray and HVOF Coatings of Hydro Electric Turbine Components - Plasma spray coatings are used extensively in the turbine repair industry primarily for the application of corrosion resistant coatings. Wear coatings and abradable coatings are also applied in targeted areas for turbine work. Strategic masking protects non-target areas where a coating is not desired while allowing for the targeted area to be fully coated. HVOF coatings are the better choice for applying dense and corrosion resistant coatings. PTFE Group produces tapes, fabrics, and a compound for the purpose of strategic masking against plasma spray coatings (APS - Air Plasma Spray Coatings).

Key Considerations:

  • Coating Type - Ceramic coatings (TBC) require a Plasma Spray Masking Tape. Wear coatings may require a Plasma Spray Masking Tape or a heavier HVOF Masking Tape -depending on the equipment being used.
  • Equipment Type - Different systems may require different masking strategies. 
  • Improved Masking Efficiency - In some cases, multiple layers of lower grade competitive masking tape is being used. Replacing with engineered tape from PTFE Group enables masking with just a single layer resulting in time and cost savings.
  • Masking Compound can often be used to replace HVMC be usedas a mould masking material? HVMC may be best for masking of difficult profiles for HVOF.

Recommended Materials

For masking applications of Hydro Electric Turbine components, we recommend the following material:

  • 170-10s Plasma Spray Masking Tape – best for masking intricate profiles for plasma spray
  • 170-20s Double Layer Plasma Spray Masking Tape – Best for masking simple profiles or surfaces
  • HVMC (High Velocity Masking Compound) should be recommended for any style of thermal spray coating as a potential reusable masking option
  • 179 series HVOF masking tapes are best for Gas Fuelled HVOF wear coating applications.