PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics

PTFE Group manufactures a wide array of PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics ranging from Standard grade to Fluorofab® DXL™ reinforced grade fabrics. A world leader in coating technology and fabric performance, PTFE Group continuously works to improve fabric performance and processing efficiencies through ongoing research, manufacturing and technological improvement.

Our industry-leading Fluorofab® Fabrics consist of woven fiberglass cloth substrates with high-grade PTFE coatings. In addition to providing the properties of excellent release, abrasion resistance, low friction and chemical resistance, these fabrics are dimensionally stable from -100°F to +550°F. 

Because of their non-toxic, odorless and tasteless qualities they have been approved by the FDA for food processing, packaging and handling.


  • Excellent release properties, low surface friction 
  • High chemical and abrasion resistance 
  • Dimensionally stable from -100°F to +550°F 
  • FDA-compliant for food processing, packaging and handling 


  • Cooking/baking oven liners
  • Electrical harness assembly
  • Reusable laminating press release sheets 
  • Tray lining for non-stick baking and drying 
  • Blister pack die covers 
  • Covering the sealing surface on polyethylene bag-making equipment
  • Gaskets/seals/diaphragms 

A Wide Range of Fabric Grades

The list of fabric grades includes: Standard, Black, Premium, Fluorofab® DXL™, Mechanical, Porous, Tear-Resistant, Specialty, Antistatic, PTFE Coated Aramid, and Silicone Coated Fiberglass.

For more information on all of these grades, please click to view or download a Product Information Guide in the left sidebar. 

Product Profile: Fluorofab® DXL™ Fabrics

Extras strength PTFE fiberglass tapeThe special reinforced DXL™ coating in our Fluorofab® DXL™ Fabrics is provides a step up in terms of added durability and abrasion resistance. Other key traits of our PTFE Coated Fabrics, such as extreme temperature-resistance, non-stick surface, etc. are maintained. 


  • Reinforced PTFE coating results in exceptional resistance to abrasion and wear
  • Excellent release properties 
  • High chemical and abrasion resistance 
  • High temperature resistance up to 550°F 
  • Crack-free surface 
  • Custom Die Cut Profiles are available


  • Heat sealing plastic film 
  • Roll covering 
  • Carpet cushion manufacturing 
  • Plastic bag manufacturing 
  • Window manufacturing 
  • Food belts 
  • Cooking tray liners