Fluorofab® Tapes 100 Series

The Fluorofab® 100 Series Tapes product line offers more than 20 unique tapes with different thicknesses and coating formulas. All are fabricated with our PTFE coated woven fiberglass fabric. 



Fluorofab® 100 Series

Fluorofab® 100 Series Tapes include a wide choice of substrate thicknesses and grades with engineered silicone adhesive for high temperature applications, or engineered acrylic for stronger bonding at lower temperatures.

Fabricated from our PTFE coated woven fiberglass fabric, Fluorofab® tapes endure extreme temperatures, abrasion, resist chemical bonding, and offer excellent release properties. Different grades and thickneses offer a range of dielectric and thermal-insulative qualities.


  • Excellent release properties, low-friction surface 
  • High chemical and abrasion resistance 
  • Wide choice of substrate thicknesses 
  • Available with a silicone adhesive for stronger bonding at lower temperatures 


  • Covering the heat sealing surface on: L Bar, Impulse and Bag Sealers
  • Guide rails and chute linings 
  • Non-stick roll coverings 
  • Reusable release surfaces 
  • Bearing Pads 

For more details on all Fluorofab® 100 Series, DXL™, Skived, High Modulus, UHMW, Fiberglass, and Laminated Tapes, download our Fluorofab® Tapes Product Information Guide