HVOF Masking Tapes

The high particle velocity of Gas-Fuelled (GF) HVOF results in extremely high abrasion and a rapid transfer of heat through the masking materials. In order to mask effectively against GF-HVOF, masking materials, including tapes, must be strong enough to withstand both the high abrasiveness and high heat.

In response to these high demands, PTFE Group has developed HVMT Orange Masking Tape. HVMT Orange, and HVMC (High Velocity Masking Compound) are both proven performers that hold up exceptionally well against the GF-HVOF spray while offering high conformability, and clean, residue-free removal. 

NEW: HMVT Orange Masking Tape

HMVT Orange Masking Tape

Engineered for Gas Fuelled HVOF, HVMT Orange Maksing Tape is well-suited for some of the most demanding thermal spray applications.

  • Highly Flexible Construction- all HVOF masking tapes withstand impact of abrasive grit and the abrasion from carbide spray coatings at supersonic speeds. This allows for faster masking versus the slower process of designing and creating metal masking.
  • Flexible Fabric Construction - PTFE Group offers different grades/thicknesses of HVOF Masking Tape. Thinner tapes offer the highest confirmability making it easier to mask intricate profiles. Thicker tapes offer higher resistance to the temperatures and abrasion of HVOF spray.
  • Flame Retardant - HVOF spraying can sometimes distort the coatings edges of typical thermal spray tapes. PTFE Group HVMT tapes resist burning, allowing for cleaner coating edges with no distortion.
  • Adhesion - The weakness of most thermal spray tapes when masking against HVOF is weak adhesion (to metal and face-to-back). The PTFE Group HVOF Tapes utilize engineerd silicone adhesive that adheres well to metal and has excellent face-to-back adhesion to prevent “flagging”.
  • Cross Over Tape - Engineered for HVOF applications, these tapes are also suitable for Plasma Spray. HVMT Orange is a superior plasma spray masking tape. In all cases, only a single layer of tape will be required to achieve the masking for the more high energy and demanding plasma spray masking jobs. The benefit is faster masking and a great savings of time.

Recommended Masking Materials for Gas-Fuelled HVOF

Gas-Fuelled HVOF Masking Tape

Highly comformable for precision masking, HVMT Orange Masking Tape withstands extreme heat and abrasion and releases quickly and cleanly after use.

Masking Compound for Gas Fuelled High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray Coating

High Velocity Masking Compound (HVMC)
Highly effective for masking difficult openings, crevices and contours, HVMC can be used to form reusable masking plugs, caps, and moulds. HVMC stands up to all forms of thermal spray and surface treatment.

 Best Suited For:

  • HVOF Spray Coatings
  • Grit Blasting
  • Twin Wire Arc Spray
  • Flame Spray
  • Plasma Spray Coatings