Plasma Spray Masking Tapes

Extremely high temperature and high abrasion call for masking materials that must withstand these forces during expected  ‘dwell time’  parameters.  Masking materials, including tapes and compounds must remain in place, resist burning and edge lifting, and prevent unwanted overspray and/or damage to the part being sprayed.



170-10s Red Plasma Spray Tape.

PTFE Group Plasma Masking Materials are precision made with the highest quality silicone, fiberglass, adhesives and compounds to ensure optimum performance in this harsh setting. All are easy to work with, offer high flexibility and conformability, and can be removed cleanly and easily following the spray process, leaving leave no adhesive residue.     



Plasma Spray Masking Tapes & Materials:

170-10S & 20S Green -  In most cases, just a single layer of 170-10S Green will withstand both the grit-blast and spray coating processes. For more demanding jobs, 170-20S Green provides an extra layer of protection.

Thermal spray masking tape from PTFE Group

170-10S & 20S YL - Our standard thermal spray masking tape withstands grit blast and thermal spray, and releases cleanly from metal surfaces. 170-20S YL offers double-layered protection for added strength and resilience.

170-10S Red - Well suited for plasma spray coating and applications involving higher temperatures, this tape resists burning and scorching while leaving clean coating lines and no adhesive residue.

Thermal spray masking tape from PTFE Group

179 Multi-Layer - This high temperature, abrasion resistant multi-ply tape is made with a silicone/glass layer laminated to a heavy gauge aluminium foil. The aluminum layer enhances conformability and produces clean edge lines.

PTFE Group Aluminum Masking Tape

190 Aluminum- Made with aluminum foil and fiberglass cloth laminate, this specialized tape offers dual masking protection. It is highly conformable, releases cleanly from metal surfaces and leaves clean edge lines.

Masking Blanket

S/W 35 Fabric - Available in widths of 38”, this reusable silicone coated glass fabric masking blanket is ideal for masking larger surfaces as a secondary masking material. 

Masking Putty

High Velocity Masking Compound (HVMC) - Highly effective for masking difficult openings, crevices and contours, HVMC can be used to form reusable masking plugs, caps, and moulds. HVMC stands up to all forms of thermal spray and surface treatment.

pre-cut pieces

Pre-Cut Profiles - Whenever there is a need for repeat masking of a specific shape, precision custom cut profiles save considerable time.  Specific templates are generated from customer supplied CAD drawings.

Repetitive masking profiles

Engineered Nested Kits - For complex and repetitive masking of an identical set of parts, custom kits of precision pre-cut shapes save considerable time and cost. Multi-profile templates are generated from customer supplied specifications or CAD drawings.

These materials are also well-Suited For:

  • Grit Blasting
  • Twin Wire Arc Spray
  • Flame Spray
  • Plasma Spray Coatings