Pre-Cut Masking Profiles

When there is a requirement for repetitive masking -- that is multiple copies of the same part with the same masking requirements -- the time spent measuring and cutting can be tedious, time consuming, costly, and can also be a health and safety risk.

Pre-Cut Profiles are cut to part specifications.

PTFE Group offers a solution to problem with Pre-Cut Masking Profiles. With customer-supplied specifications, we produce rotary die cut masking profiles or pre-cut plotter profiles from the appropriate thermal spray masking tape.

 Time and Cost Savings - Especially noticeable with complex shapes,GBI Pre-Cut Profiles allow operators to save significant time when masking and that translates to cost savings. The operator simply peels the profiles from rolls or sheets like a label pad and applies them to the part.

Increased Health and Safety - When you consider how often operators are using sharp razors and utility knives to manually cut repetitive profiles from coated fiberglass tapes, it is easy to see the risk of injury that exists. Pre-Cut profiles not only save time and money in these cases, but also reduce the risk of cuts and other related injuries. A win/win situation.

Masked part, using pre-cut profiles on left, and the same part, post spray, with masking removed, on right.


Contact your Representative or a PTFE Group Customer Service Representative to order or learn more about how GBI Pre-Cut Profiles can improve efficiency and safety in your shop.