Skived PTFE Tapes 110 Series

Our Skived PTFE Tapes 110 Series are fabricated from pure unsupported virgin PTFE film.

Fabricated from pure unsupported virgin PTFE film, our 110 Series Skived PTFE tape offers excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and friction. It is highly conformable, has a non-stick surface and excellent dielectric properties. It exhibits all the characteristics of our Fluorofab® tapes with the added advantage of being very conformable. It stretches easily and is often used to line large composite molds.


  • Exceptional electrical properties 
  • Excellent release properties, low-friction surface 
  • High chemical and abrasion resistance 
  • Very conformable 
  • High temperature silicone adhesive system


  • Insulation buffer for RF sealing 
  • Many electrical applications 
  • Mandrel Coverings 
  • Mold release linings 
  • Covering the heat sealing surface on: L Bar, Impulse and Bag Sealers - Guide rails and chute linings