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The Role PTFE Products Play in Manufacturing PVC Windows

PVC Window being built

Fabrication of PVC or PVC-u (UPVC) windows includes joining two profile sections and welding the two pieces together. Green Belting PTFE materials play a critical role in this process ensuring that a clean, quality finish is accomplished quickly and easily.

Window manufacturers may use single point, two point, or four point welding machines to weld the corners of their PVC windows, doors or skylights. PTFE tape, fabric or sleeves are used on all types to cover the welding plate or platen.

Choosing the right PTFE product can make a significant difference to your cycle time, downtime and your overall costs.

What should I consider when buying PTFE products and why is it important?

Quick heat transfer and resistance to heat are important considerations when selecting platen coverings.  When using tape, select one that leaves minimal adhesive upon removal so there is minimal maintenance.  Choosing the right solution will make a significant difference in cycle times, downtime and cost.

The fact is, the product you use can make a huge impact to your bottom line and Green Belting tapes, fabrics and sleeves can offer you a smarter way to achieve a competitive edge.

PTFE Options for Better Welding

Green Belting Industries carries all three types of coverings for your platen. Each have various benefits:

  • PTFE Tape:  Using PTFE tape is easy to replace without fixturing. It leaves no residue after being cleaned properly. It is lower cost than sleeves but the operator must cool the platen prior to changing the tape and then wait until it comes back up to temperature before resuming operation.
  • PTFE Fabric: The benefit of using fabric is that there is no need to cool down the platen or welding plates when replacing. Fabric does require fixturing to put in place but is lower cost than tape or sleeves. Fabric will also withstand higher temperature than tape and can be advanced on a scroll mechanism for ease of use.
  • PTFE Sleeves: Like fabric, there is no need to cool down the platen or welding plates when replacing a PTFE sleeve. Unlike fabric, they do not require fixturing. Although it is a more expensive solution as it is custom fit to the machine, there are cost savings to using sleeves in maintenance and increased productivity.

You have several Green Belting options to choose from.  The right one will depend on your application and what is critical to your business.

Recommended Products

GR6 PTFE coated fiberglass tape
DXL-6S PTFE product
100-6S PTFE tape

Not sure which option is best? Reach out to the PTFE manufacturers at Green Belting. Our solution-driven staff are committed to finding the perfect solution for those with unique needs.


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