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green belting

Continuous Sealing Band (2-Ply Belt) Troubleshooting Tips

Identifying potential problems and taking the appropriate actions with your sealing bands as soon as they are discovered, can improve performance and extend lifetime. In many cases, problems can be avoided altogether by making sure that the bands are installed and maintained properly. This, in combination with using the right materials will help ensure optimal […]

The Role PTFE Products Play in Manufacturing PVC Windows

Fabrication of PVC or PVC-u (UPVC) windows includes joining two profile sections and welding the two pieces together. Green Belting PTFE materials play a critical role in this process ensuring that a clean, quality finish is accomplished quickly and easily. Window manufacturers may use single point, two point, or four point welding machines to weld […]

Attention wind blade manufacturers!

We know how important it is to rely on mould release products in wind turbine blade manufacturing. Today’s immense wind turbine blades need to come out of the mould with no defects the very first time. Choosing the best mould release solution for your production facility can lead to higher output and efficiency. To learn […]

GR6 Mould Release Meeting Objective of Reducing Turbine Blade Manufacturing Costs

Specialized mould release shows exceptional first-year performance Mississauga, Ontario, July 2015 – PTFE Group of Companies is pleased to announce the first-year success of its new high-performing mould release used in the manufacturing of composite wind turbine blades. GR6 Mould Release was officially launched in August 2014 after a successful 2-year development and testing period […]

Introducing GR6 Mould Release

GR6 Mould Release is our toughest and best performing reinforced PTFE coating yet. With the backing of over 2 years of development and testing and proven performance in a live composite mould environment, the all new GR6 has set new levels of durability with yields of mould cycles prior to replacement—consistently in the mid-40s. Exceptional […]


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