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Continuous Sealing Band (2-Ply Belt) Troubleshooting Tips

mulch bags with PTFE coating

Identifying potential problems and taking the appropriate actions with your sealing bands as soon as they are discovered, can improve performance and extend lifetime. In many cases, problems can be avoided altogether by making sure that the bands are installed and maintained properly. This, in combination with using the right materials will help ensure optimal product throughput and minimal downtime.

General Tips for Improved Performance

  • Check sealer temperature periodically and adjust as needed
  • Check the roller tension periodically and ensure it is set appropriately
  • Make sure your PTFE coating is right for your application

Here are some common problems and what to do about them when they occur:

Band Coating Cracks

Band coatings can crack for several reasons.  To reduce the risk of cracking, look at reducing the belt speed or decreasing the sealer temperature.  A thicker PTFE coating on the band material can also help. One of our Green Belting experts would be happy to review your application with you to find the best solution.

Band Splice Interferes with Band Seal

In some situations, a band splice can interfere with the band seal resulting in a poor or incomplete seal. In these situations, consider changing the splice size and/or angle. Another option may be to add PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) to cover the splice.

Band Doesn’t Track Properly

Improper band tracking can occur if the material on the inside layer of the band is too smooth. In this case, look at using a material with a rougher texture such as Green Belting tear-resistant PTFE fabric.

Incorrect roller tension may be another reason for a band not to track properly.  The tension of the roller should be set to allow the band to travel correctly on the conveyor system but never exceed the maximum tension.  Maximum tension can be calculated from (A + B) / 10. Where (A) is the tensile strength of the top ply, and (B) is the tensile strength of the inside ply.  Need help?  Contact us for more information.

Bands Break or Delaminate

A tension issue can cause band breakage or delamination. Just like with improper tracking issues, check the roller tension and reduce if necessary. Remember, the operation tension on the rollers should never be higher than the calculated maximum tension.

You may be using a material on the outside layer that does not have enough PTFE coating.  In this case, you could use a Premium or DXL Grade for the outside layer.

Bands Wear Prematurely

There are a few tips to prevent premature wear on sealing bands. Try decreasing the temperature of the sealing system or use a thicker PTFE coating material for the band.  Another option is to switch to a wear-resistant material such as DXL 3, DXL 4, or our Premium fabric on the outside layer.

Bags Aren’t Sealing Properly

A too high or low sealer temperature can result in a poor or incomplete bag seal.  Adjust accordingly.  Sealing issues can also occur if a band material is too thick.  Try using a material with a thinner PTFE coating.

For a more textured seal, try using Green Belting tear resistant PTFE coated fabrics.  Contact us for more information.

Have more questions? Send us a chat or contact us.



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